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About il-Camino

Fireplaces and Barbeques

ack in the early eighties Il Camino was born. Although at the time Maltese home owners never considered a live fireplace as an important feature in Maltese houses. Il Camino was appointed as exclusive agents and importers for Edilkamin Spa, a world renowned brand from Milan. After a slow start, the idea spread like wild fire, making Il Camino the first company in the Maltese islands to import and install live fireplaces.


Today Il Camino has opened it's field with other renowned brands from Europe such as 'Barbas' and 'Belfires' from Holland and 'Max Blank' from Germany.


We look ahead as leaders in the fireplace industry with solutions and services to all requests made by an ever demanding clientele who only look for the best quality, the safety and the warmth a fireplace brings to our homes.


Nowadays Il Camino offers:

  • Environmental friendly low consumption wood & pallet burning
  • Fireplaces & stoves
  • A wide range of gas fires & ethanol burning fireplaces
  • Mantels & designs to suit any fireplace’s surround
  • Garden barbeques & ovens
  • Stainless steel chimney pipes & decorative claddings